Sales Automation VS Augmentation

Cameron Schroeder


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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionise various industries, the sales sector is also ready for transformation. However, the true power of AI lies not in replacing humans but in enhancing their abilities. This article explores why augmentation is more advantageous than automation in sales, specifically in terms of personalisation, control, and human relationships.

What is the difference between Automation and Augmentation In Sales?

Automation refers to the process of automating tasks or actions without human intervention. For instance, sending a pre-designed welcome email to a customer who has recently made a purchase would be an example of automation. A specific customer action triggers this email and negates the need for human intervention.

Augmentation in sales could be seen as enhancing human capabilities, allowing sales teams to focus on essential activities such as building relationships. Augmentation does not replace human roles but complements them by adding speed, data analysis, large-scale personalisation and precision. For instance, a salesperson using chatbot assistance for initial customer interactions can handle more queries in less time, reserving human intervention for complex or high-value conversations. This leads to increased productivity and potentially higher revenue.



  • Efficiency: Automation can streamline repetitive tasks, freeing time for salespeople to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.
  • Consistency: Automated processes ensure tasks are executed consistently and without human error.
  • Cost savings: By automating specific tasks, companies can reduce labour costs and increase overall efficiency.


  • Creativity: Humans bring creativity and innovation to the sales process, which automation cannot replicate. Augmentation allows salespeople to leverage their creative thinking to develop unique solutions.
  • Adaptability: Salespeople can adapt and respond to changing customer needs and market trends, something that automation may struggle with.
  • Empathy: Human salespeople can empathise with customers, understand their needs, and provide personalised solutions. Augmentation enhances this empathy by delivering data-driven insights to support decision-making.

When to use Automation VS Augmentation

When choosing between automation and augmentation in sales, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements and goals of the sales process. Automation is particularly beneficial for streamlining repetitive and time-consuming sales tasks that can be easily standardised, such as data entry, lead qualification, and report generation. Automating these tasks allows sales teams to save valuable time and allocate their resources more effectively.

On the other hand, augmentation plays a vital role in enhancing the capabilities of sales professionals. It empowers them to focus on activities requiring human creativity, adaptability, and empathy, such as building client relationships, providing personalised solutions, and negotiating complex deals. Augmentation tools like AI-powered chatbots can assist sales representatives in handling routine customer inquiries, allowing them to dedicate more time to high-value interactions that require their expertise.

Conclusion: The Best of Both Worlds

Although this article aimed to discover whether automation or augmentation is better for sales, as you may have realised, it's more about finding the right balance between automation and augmentation. It's essential to assess the specific needs and goals of the sales process before deciding which approach to prioritise. While automation can streamline repetitive tasks and save time, augmentation empowers sales professionals to leverage their creativity, adaptability, and empathy to build client relationships. Striking the right balance between automation and augmentation can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and exceptional customer experiences.


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