Top 7 AI Tools For Sales in 2023.

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In today's fast-changing business world, sales teams are always looking for new ways to improve their processes and increase revenue. One way they're doing this is by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in their sales workflow. AI helps salespeople work faster, be more efficient, and stay consistent, which completely changes how they sell.

Embracing AI for Sales, Benefits Of Ai:

  • Scalability: AI works all the time, so your sales engine never stops.
  • Efficiency: AI helps you make money faster by saving time.
  • Consistency: AI always performs well without taking breaks.
  • Cost: AI can save time and money by doing tasks that humans usually do.

The elephant in the room… Will you be replaced by AI?

Will an AI take your job in sales? Probably not if you're good at talking to people and making friends. AI can help with easy, boring tasks and potentially help with the first draft of an email (or a blog post...), but they can't really understand feelings like humans do. So, if you use AI to help you with the easy stuff, you'll have more time to talk to customers and make them happy. AI is more like a helper, not something to worry about! At least in the short term.

The following list is AI-based software that helps humans achieve more and scale their communications with their prospects without losing the human touch.

Best Ai Software For Sales

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1. Automated Lead Scoring

Platform: Salesforce Einstein (

Description: Elevate your CRM with AI capabilities to drive smarter sales processes. Salesforce Einstein exemplifies this by offering predictive analytics for forecasting sales, enabling precise resource allocation.

Sales Use Case: Salesforce Einstein revolutionizes sales operations by embedding AI within the Salesforce CRM, automating data capture, and delivering predictive insights for better decision-making. Its AI-driven analytics empower sales teams to anticipate customer needs and maximize sales opportunities, thus accelerating the sales cycle.


  • Predictive Analytics: Forecast sales trends and customer behaviours.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Gain actionable insights for enhanced decision-making.
  • Automation: Streamline data entry and lead scoring.
  • Integration: Seamlessly blend with the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Smart Recommendations: Receive suggestions for the next steps in the sales process.

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2. Predictive Analytics

Platform: Gong (

Description: Leverage AI insights to meet revenue targets efficiently. Gong embodies this by offering real-time visibility into sales processes and activities.

Sales Use Case: Gong arms sales teams with AI-driven insights, helping them to meet revenue targets efficiently. Through Gong, sales leaders adapt to market shifts, drive new initiatives, and boost team productivity, while sales managers get real-time visibility into deal and pipeline activities for better coaching and forecasting. Account executives can close more deals, hit quotas, and learn best practices from peers, enhancing overall sales performance​1​.


  • Real-time Risks Identification: Uncover risks in your pipeline in real-time.
  • Strategic Initiatives Insights: Get early insights on how strategic initiatives resonate with buyers.
  • Tech Stack Integration: Streamline sales workflows by integrating with your entire tech stack.
  • Manual Tasks Offloading: Free up reps' time from manual tasks for critical, deal-closing activities.
  • AI-driven Guidance: Receive AI-based insights and guidance to achieve revenue targets efficiently.

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3. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Platform: Drift (

Description: Enhance sales productivity and multiply your pipeline with real-time intent insights, communication channels, and generative AI.

Sales Use Case: Drift maximizes sales impact by employing Conversational AI to engage prospects in real-time, collect buying signals across platforms, and enable seamless scheduling of meetings. With Drift, sales reps can prioritize their outreach based on real-time engagement data, thereby accelerating the sales cycle.


  • Prospector: Collect buying signals to identify engaged accounts and buying committees.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Receive alerts for prospect engagement via chat or video.
  • Live Chat: Enable real-time human-to-human conversations.
  • Integrations: Utilize Drift’s API and integrations to build a quality pipeline faster.
  • Book-a-Meeting: Allow qualified leads to schedule meetings effortlessly within the chatbot​1​.

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4. Email Automation

Platform: Reply ( )

Description: Streamline and automate outbound sales campaigns to optimise engagement. Reply showcases this through its automation of email sequences and performance tracking, aiding in the nurturing of leads and engagement with prospects.

Sales Use Case: Reply provides a platform for sales teams to automate and manage outbound sales campaigns. Through automated email sequences, lead qualification, and analytics, Reply optimises engagement and improves the efficiency of sales outreach. Its integration with CRM systems and other sales tools provides a centralised view of sales activities, aiding in data-driven decision-making.


  • Email Automation: Schedule and automate personalised email campaigns.
  • Lead Qualification: Automate the qualification process for better lead management.
  • Team Performance Analytics: Monitor and analyse the performance of sales teams.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrate with CRM systems for a centralised view of sales activities.
  • Campaign Performance Metrics: Track and analyse the performance of outbound campaigns for continuous optimisation.1.

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5. Ai-Generated Ringless Voicemail

Platform: FallbackAi ( )

Description: FallbackAi transforms outbound calls into inbound opportunities using voice cloning for ringless voicemail for outreach. FallbackAi's ringless voicemail technology is a stellar example of how to flip the script on traditional call-based outreach.

Sales Use Case: FallbackAi optimises sales outreach by automating voicemail drops, enabling sales teams to focus on building relationships rather than manual dialling. They've seen a 3x increase in qualified leads for their early users.


  • Voice Cloning Technology: Personalise voicemails at scale.
  • Automated Call-based/Text-based Outreach: Efficiently manage outbound calls & SMS.
  • Voicemail Drop: Leave AI-generated voicemails in your prospects' inboxes for them to listen to and call you back.
  • Text-To-Speech: Don't want to use your voice? FallbackAi has AI text-to-speech assistants that allow you to type your message and have them read the voicemail script for you.

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6. Sales Forecasting

Platform: Intercom ( )

Description: Engage leads throughout the customer lifecycle using messaging and live chat, facilitating real-time communication and automated lead qualification.

Sales Use Case: Intercom offers a conversational platform to engage potential customers in real time, allowing for automated lead capture, qualification, and nurturing. Integrated with other sales tools and CRM systems, it provides a unified view of customer interactions, aiding in personalised sales strategies and improved conversions.


  • Outbound Messaging: Automate targeted messages using templates.
  • Team Inbox: Centralise communications for swift responses.
  • Custom Bots: Create bots for visitor information collection and routing.
  • Customer Data: Segment and track target audiences across platforms.
  • Reporting: Monitor conversation volume, leads, and team performance for enhanced decision-making1.

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7. Scheduling & Productivity

Platform: Motion ( )

Description: Streamlining support operations to maximise sales productivity. An example can be seen in how X Company utilised Motion to manage inbound inquiries, enabling their sales team to focus on high-value activities.

Sales Use Case: Motion offers an organised platform for handling customer inquiries and support tickets, thus freeing up sales teams to concentrate on revenue-generating activities. Its intuitive interface, automated ticket routing, and comprehensive analytics ensure that sales professionals can effectively prioritise and address customer issues, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Automated Ticket Routing: Efficiently direct inquiries to the appropriate teams.
  • Intuitive Interface: Easily manage and respond to customer issues.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Gain insights into support operations and customer interactions.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly connect with other business tools for a unified workflow.
  • Customisable Support Forms: Tailor support forms to capture essential information.

The fusion of AI and sales is not a mere trend but a paradigm shift. By embracing the AI tools and strategies outlined above, you're not just keeping pace with the evolution of sales — you're spearheading it. Explore these platforms, delve into the use cases, and ignite a transformation in your sales processes that will leave competitors in the dust.


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